Rothesay contains many historical landmarks, such as the Rothesay Common, the Rothesay Yacht Club, the former train station (one of the last remaining examples of early railway architecture in Canada), many homes that pre-date Confederation, public parks and modern amenities. The community provides numerous places of worship and recreation areas, along with the convenience of local retail and large-scale commercial developments in the nearby city of Saint John. According to a 2015 Canadian Business article, the top five richest neighbourhoods in the Province of New Brunswick all lie within the Town of Rothesay.[3] Police services are provided by Kennebecasis Regional Police Force.

Rothesay lies in the Anglophone South School District and schools include Rothesay Park School, Rothesay High School and Rothesay Netherwood School and was formerly the headquarters of New Brunswick School District 06, Both New Brunswick Route 100 and New Brunswick Route 111 run through the town and connect with New Brunswick Route 1. The town is served by Saint John Transit.

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